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Blueberry Bread

Gluten Free, Dairy, Egg, Nut, and Soy Free

I ran across this recipe on a blog called The Food Allergy Mama. I changed it just a bit of course, making it gluten free for starters. It was delicious and the Schnappi ate it all up! I think I want to play around with it some more and maybe add some gluten free oats to give it more substance. The bread should actually be called orange blueberry bread since it had a very distinct orange flavor. Either way though it is great!

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Things we love- RP’s Gluten Free Fresh Pasta

I found out a while back that RP’s Pasta Company started selling their gluten free FRESH pasta at a store near us (Roots Market).  After calling Veronika and telling her one of our dreams had come true I jumped in my car and went to buy some fresh pasta for the first time ever in my life.  They make gluten free linguini and fusilli.  I tried the linguini first. It was so fast and easy to make (only 2-4 minutes). I just dressed it with a bit of garlic olive oil and some Parmesan so I could really taste the pasta.  It was soft, creamy, and absolutely delicious!! Now, since I have never tried fresh pasta before I had my husband and friend try it and they also couldn’t get over how great it tasted. They would have never guessed it was gluten free!

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