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Hi, welcome to our Double Take Diets blog! Our goal of launching Double Take Diets is to show our viewers how easy and wonderful it is to cook gluten free. We love to do a double take on traditional recipes, turning them into gluten free delights. Whether you’re new to gluten free cooking or looking for some new recipes to add to your collection, we’re here to guide you through some of our favorite and most delicious meals. So why do we cook gluten free? Well check out our bio page to read all about our backgrounds and the gist on celiac disease and what exactly being gluten free means.

We were diagnosed with celiac in 2003, and since then living a gluten free lifestyle has been a constant learning experience, but we have felt significantly healthier since changing our diets. We want to share what we’ve learned with our viewers, in hopes of making your journeys with the gluten free lifestyle a little easier and more fun! Really being aware of what foods we put into our bodies is a passion of ours, and we find that we love our food even more when we know what ingredients are in the recipes.

When Jessika started her gluten free baking business she became aware of other common allergies in addition to gluten (such as dairy/casein, egg, soy, and nuts), and learned to cater her creations to customers with these other alternative diets. Jessika herself had to remove dairy/casein, egg, and nuts from her diet while nursing her daughter. These challenges have encouraged us even more to start our show. So take it from us and don’t stop loving food just because you have to change your diet. We invite you to watch our show and read our blogs, cook with us, have fun along the way, and give your diet a Double Take!

We know you all have encountered the same response from people when you tell them you are gluten free: “Oh my g-d! Well what do you eat then?! You mean you can’t eat…. PASTA!? But you can still eat pizza right?” “Well what about cookies…are those ok?”  Yup, we’ve been there and we know how tiresome it gets to constantly explain your diet. But guess what? You can still eat pasta, pizza, and even baked goods- you just have to get a little more creative and that’s what we’re here to help you with. And our hope is that in time, as we all work together to spread gluten free awareness, more people will come to understand it and support the gluten free lifestyle.

We’ve reached a point where our cooking gluten free has become so natural for our family and friends that they’ve stopped looking skeptical and asking “WAIT. Is what I’m eating gluten free?”, and instead, they actually look forward to our gluten free meals and don’t even miss the more traditional ingredients to which they’re accustomed.  So be patient, have fun experimenting, and invite your friends and family to join you: try new ingredients, restaurants, and recipes! And remember, you’re not alone, Double Take Diets is gluten free for you AND me!

- J & V

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