Our very first episode of Double Take Diets!

Today we are launching our very first episode of Double Take Diets, Cooking Gluten Free! We are so excited to share our dream come true with you.  Having been involved in the food and entertainment industry for several years and recognizing the need for a gluten free cooking show, it has been a passion of ours to share our knowledge and recipes with the gluten free audience. We have been fortunate enough to work with some of our closest friends and dearest colleagues throughout the production process of our show. The Double Take Diets team shared our passion for reaching out to the specialty diet audience and have loved being part of this fun and rewarding project. Though creating a cooking show can be quite a challenge, we’ve never stopped having fun.

Although we’ve never been camera shy, cooking on camera is quite different! Luckily our director and editor, Alex, put up with us being nervous and was really great at calming us down, even after what felt like 100 takes (come to think of it, maybe it was the gluten free beer that calmed us down, hmm).  And Chrissy, our producer, writer, and voice director, rehearsed with us for hours and was always there for us to imitate like parrots. We’d like to thank the rest of the crew, Paul, Ryan, and Sam for making our experience so much fun and for making the show better than we had ever imagined (sappy shout out guys, awww). Check out our “Meet the Crew” page to read more about everyone.

Thanks to our family: Brad, his mom Sue, and our mom Bobbie for their support and for watching Jessika and Brad’s daughter, Vivienne (aka the baby wranglers). Thanks to them, you will not hear a crying baby in the background! Also special thanks to Brenda and Sandy for providing their warm and beautiful kitchen for us to film and cook in (and for trusting us not to break anything, although there was that one dish…oops!) What better way to spend a day than to do what you love, spend time with friends and family, and sit around eating delicious food and laughing?  We hope you’ll join in and watch the show!

Our first episode is all about BREAKFAST, our favorite meal of the day! We’ll show you how to cook a warm, savory quiche (so good, you won’t even miss the crust) and blueberry pancakes (because it’s not breakfast without pancakes). What’s great about quiche is that you can be as creative as you want (add different vegetables, cheeses, meats, or meat substitutes) and eat it for any meal of the day! Quiche is also a great gluten free option when you have guests over.

As for pancakes, there was no way we were going to give them up just because we can’t have gluten! Pancakes are a breakfast staple and an easy way to start experimenting with different gluten free flours and mixes. Watch the show to find out what our secret ingredient is to make the most perfect blueberry pancakes, and stay tuned for more episodes!

- J & V

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